Regal Select Services Inc
Cost Savings

Prison labor saves the
government and ultimately
the tax payer millions of
dollars each year.
Regal Select Services Inc. (RSSI) provides labor coordination and
administration for federal inmates performing work on various military
installations throughout the U.S..

RSSI uses inmate labor to perform a wide variety of jobs that have
historically required soliciting multiple private contractors. Our services
include grounds maintenance, construction, road repair, electrical
maintenance, painting, plumbing, transportation, demolition and more.

Team Regal is comprised of highly talented individuals that are
proficient in a wide array of technical skills. Each Regal employee
specializes in one or more specific trades and is responsible for
instructing and supervising inmates as they perform various tasks at the
request of the government.

In addition to their technical backgrounds, each Regal team member
must successfully complete certified Bureau of Prison training courses
that prepare them to supervise federal inmates.

By utilizing prison labor under the leadership and direction of RSSI
professionals, the government can efficiently and effectively get more
work done at a minimal cost.

At Regal, we emphasize safety, security, and productivity in every job
we do. Our management team takes special pride in being able to
provide fast and cost efficient services while providing a safe and
secure environment for both the inmate and the customer.

The advantages to the government are obvious: Quality work through
reliable and cost efficient resources. Not so apparent may be the
benefits to the BOP.  We are confident that our supervisors create a
positive work environment for all of our inmates, and help develop skills
that will better prepare them to enter the workplace after their release
from prison.  

The dedicated partnerships between RSSI, the Federal Government,
and the Bureau of Prisons is what makes our services so unique and

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RSSI can get virtually any
job done efficiently and
effectively using the skilled
labor force from our federal
Inmate Enrichment

We provide inmates the
opportunity to master skills
that will help prepare them
for life outside of prison.
For Old Times Sake

RSSI's owners were
awarded their first
government contract back
in 1995. Click
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