Regal Select Services Inc
Cost Savings

Prison labor saves the
government and ultimately
the tax payer millions of
dollars each year.
Regal Select Services Inc. (RSSI) provides labor coordination
and oversight for federal inmates performing work on military

RSSI uses inmate labor to perform a wide variety of jobs that
have historically required soliciting multiple private contractors.

Team Regal is comprised of talented individuals that are trained
to manage work crews of federal inmates. Regal employees are
responsible for overseeing inmate work and maintaining
accountability as they perform various tasks on behalf of the

Each Regal team member has successfully completed Federal
Bureau of Prison training courses that prepare them to oversee
the inmates.

At Regal, we emphasize safety, security, and productivity in
every job we do. Our management team takes special pride in
being able to provide fast and cost efficient services while
providing a safe and secure environment for the inmates, our
employees, and the government.

The advantages to the government are obvious: Quality work
through reliable and cost efficient resources. Not so apparent
may be the benefits to the BOP.  We are confident that our
employees create a positive work environment for all of our
inmates, and help them develop skills that will better prepare
them to enter the workplace after their release from prison.  

The dedicated partnerships between RSSI, the Federal
Government, and the Bureau of Prisons is what makes our
services so unique and effective.

RSSI also offers residential re-entry programs, inmate
transportation services, and other base / prison support services.

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RSSI can get the job done
efficiently and effectively
using the skilled labor force
from our federal prisons.
Inmate Enrichment

We provide inmates the
opportunity to master skills
that will help prepare them
for life outside of prison.
Minority Owned Small Biz

RSSI's is a minority-owned
small business. Richard
Urrutia was awarded
contractor of the year in
1999 by the SBA.