Regal Select Services Inc
RSSI uses inmate labor to provide the military with a
wide array of contractor services at a fraction of the
cost. Our managers and employees have proven
technical backgrounds and are qualified and capable of
providing superior service in the following areas:

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Electrical Maintenance  

Grounds Maintenance
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Plumbing / Irrigation

Prisoner Transportation
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Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
A Whole Lot of Gear

RSSI use & maintain over 700
pieces of Equipment on NASP

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Inmates Have Talent

Did you realize that many
skilled mechanics, electricians,
plumbers, painters, artists,
chefs, accountants, and other
professionals reside in our
federal prisons?
Good Ole Home Cookin

We believe that people are
much more productive if
they've had a good meal. We
cook a healthy & delicious
lunch for inmates under our
supervision every day.